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  1. Thanks... that's very helpful... turns out it is a bad horn.
  2. Did not think to test that first...(duh)... probably should have before I bought a new relay! Thanks!
  3. Really - my horn just stopped working. I changed the relay with a new one, and that didn't fix it. Before I start digging around to find all of the ground wires, thought I'd ask if there are more common ones to check first?
  4. Thanks for all the input! To be clear, the radiator is not leaking... just some coolant on top of it, blown up there by the fan... I did a quick check of the hoses, which looked ok, and will confirm this weekend that it's the weep hole on the water pump before I start ordering my parts.
  5. I guess I'm a bit of a shade tree mechanic... proficient in replacing most parts when I know what needs replacing (and have the right tools). My Comanche doesn't get driven much, once every week or two for a trip to the landfill or just taking the dog out for a good sniff. After our joyride this weekend I noticed a bit of coolant on top of the radiator (and a spot on the ground), and suspect it's time for a water pump replacement (122k-ish miles). I also have had a light oil leak from the head gasket (not the valve cover, but between the head and engine block) that's been there
  6. Just finished what I thought was going to be a relatively easy job; replacing the rubber bushings on the sway bar and sway bar end links. Two bolts holding the sway bar to the frame broke off (in the frame). After hours of drilling and about a half dozen broken drill bits, finally got holes in them... then broke off a (hardened steel) extractor in one of them! Found a product called the "Rescue Bit" that ate through the broken off hardened steel screw/bolt extractor and the rest of the bolt. That thing is a life saver! Oh, then instead of the nut loosening, one of t
  7. Just changed the oil in the BA-10 on my 88 Pioneer (Olympic), as I was hearing a whine when it's hot in 2nd/3rd gears. Drain plug was completely covered with shavings, and these larger chunks (about 1/2 inch in length and very thin) came out as well. Guess I need to start saving for a transmission swap as well!
  8. Thanks... it loses time, and I haven't been driving it enough to really keep track of how much. I'll check the power, but I suspect it's just a faulty clock.
  9. Mine doesn't keep time... anyone know if this might be a wiring issue or just a defective clock?
  10. I'm about to renew suspension parts on my '88 Pioneer (Olympic edition) for the same issue and this diagram is excellent, Thanks!
  11. Auction ends 20 April https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=144&acctid=2482
  12. 1988 Pioneer Olympic Edition, with manual 5 speed transmission, and 6 cylinder 4WD. Mostly stock, and mostly free of rust! Crappy rattle-can spray over original blue paint (also sprayed over the Olympic stripe). Currently parked in Montclair (Dumfries) Virginia. Running and driving for weekend trips to the landfill or taking the dog for a ride!
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