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MJ barely goes forward

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I have an automatic 4wd automatic 4l i6. My comanche barely goes forward while in drive but works fine in reverse. When I put the pedal to the floor the engine responds but little to no power is generated. I’m wondering what the problem is, I’m guessing the torque converter. Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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If you shift it manually ie 1 to 2 to d does it operate normal? If so

Suspect tcu under passenger knee bolster is either unplugged or the fuse is missing

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trans plugs

Over near the transmission dipstick tube are 2 rather large connectors. One is black and goes to the NSS and the gray connector goes to the transmission itselfTCU fuseTCU location

. These 2 connectors carry all the info between TPS, TCU, NSS, speed sensor, and transmission solenoids.

Unplug each one, visually inspect for corrosion or bent pins, spray them out with electrical contact cleaner and plug them back in.

Additionally, if your Jeep is an ’87 to ’90 Renix, it’s always a good idea to reach up under the glovebox area and unplug the connector to the TCU and spray it out along with the receptacle of the TCU. While you’re there, find the fuse right in that area for the TCU. Remove it and spray out it’s receptacle and clean any corrosion from the fuse.

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