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any strong opinions on aftermarket oil pans?

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since the yards around me pop large holes in the pans to drain them, we're going to get a new one for the truck I'm helping fix up.  gotta keep the price reasonable, but if the cheap ones don't seal, they don't serve any purpose.  :dunno:




I will be using a one-piece rubber gasket :D  





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I’ve never had an issue with the cheap pans. Before installing, I check the gasket surface with a straight edge and “adjust” if necessary. I always use the expensive, blue Felpro gasket too. The one piece is awesome with a little RTV in the corners. 

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I'd be cautious buying online. Much more likely to get beat around by a courier in transit. Haven't heard of any issues with parts store pans though. But if it doesn't seal on the initial install just RTV both sides of the gasket. The next guy might hate you for it, but how soon do you plan on pulling the pan again?

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