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Wiper Arms Park in Up Position

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I'm perplexed as to why my wiper arms park in this up position. I cannot adjust the arms in a horizontal way... if I do, they'll crash into the cowl. The swing of the arms have no issues. They go up and down making a proper arc.


During the past month I spent lots of effort refurbishing my wiper motor, gear housing, bushings, etc. Also installed a working intermittent governor that Eaglescout sent me.


Lo/Hi and intermittent speeds work great. But when switched to park (off) this is where they rest:



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Thanks a lot guys. I failed initially by trying to be smart and save time. Found out that only turning the motor shaft doesn't work! :dry: the entire assembly needs to be removed.


Ended up doing exactly what pizzaman mentioned. Unbolted the crank and oriented everything back to park position. I used q-tips with bluetac to see how the wiper studs were arcing when the motor was turned on. Discovered I also needed to disconnect the bottom-drivers pivot bushing to get the passenger side to wipe in the correct way.


Moral of the story: take note of the linkage orientation before diving to do a complete wiper motor overhaul.




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