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91 Eliminator

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My old 91 is in need of a build.



‘91 Eliminator SOW


This Scope of Work is for the Restoration/Modification of the 1991 Eliminator.



Materials to acquire prior to modification:


1) Blueprint 400HP small block w/black-out dress kit (Blueprint) (7000 deposit in)

2) Holly 650 Sniper electronic fuel injection kit (complete) Summit Racing parts (1700)

3) Chevy radiator, oil cooler, and duel electric fan kit (1200)

4) Electric water pump swap kit for the 400sbc (350)

5) AC conversion kit

6) Novac adapter kit for SBC to AX15 complete with new bell housing w/external slave (1200)

7) SBC engine mounts (weld on type) (300)

8) XJ/MJ weld-on Frame Stiffeners (800)

9) AX15 and NP231J rebuild to handle 500HP and SYE kit

10) Heavy duty clutch and Chevy flywheel machined to fit the AX15 (350)

11) Dana 44 front axle with width to fix the MJ/XJ (Locker and gearing 5.88) (800 each)

12) PSC Hydro steer kit (complete) (2500)

13) Dana 44 rear (in shop) (locker and new gearing 5.88) (lockers 800 each)

14) New Axles for the Dana 44’s change to 5x5 and RCV axles. (1500 each set)

15) New front springs 8” lift and Fox shocks

16) New rear springs or coil overs and Fox shocks

17) 4 link suspension (custom make out of DOM tubing)

18) New SS exhaust with turbo mufflers and cutouts 3”tubing

19) Build a custom fuel tank to fit around 4 link kit SS and Tig.

20) New SS braided fuel lines

21) New braided break lines

22) Rear disk break conversion kit (750)

23) Wild Wood disk break kits (1400)

24) New front and rear bumpers (1200 each)

25) Warn Winch 95960 (3,000)

26) Exterior primer and paint (3000)

27) Under cote (250)

28) Bead liner and accent liner “Diamond-Cut” (2000 done offsite)

29) 37”X13.5XR17 BFG KO3 need 5 (2750)

30) Re-powder cote rims for the MJ (1200)

31) Eliminator sticker emblem (Phoenix graphics 1000)

32) New Interior sound insulating (700)

33) New carpet kit with pad (750)

34) New Corbeau seats and harnesses (1600)

35) Dash kit and repair/repaint interior plastics-allowance (1000)

36) 2 red top batteries and wiring kit(750)

37) OEM roll bar powder cote and wire for new lights (700)

38) Material for spare tire holder/cover in bed (800)

39) 2 off-road lights for bumper (200)

40) Re work head liner and sound dampen top, allowance-(500)

41) Hood latch Ebay (Kody) (200)

42) Comanche OEM emblems from Ebay (Kody) (150)

43) Fender flairs (nappier products?)

44) Wheel well material and fasteners for covers SS allowance- (800)

45) Time to put it all together and drive :)


Estimated Cost to date $43,200 plus items not priced



Does this price look right?


Probably will go way over budget as always.




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I agree if you are really going to run 500hp then you will probably need Dana 60 full float axles. The 44 is a strong axle especially with RCV axles and could work if you truss it and beef up the knuckles with gussets. The 60 is a much heavier axle weighing in at 565lb for the pair compared to around 300lb for D44's. It will handle 500hp with ease. Really depends on how you plan to use the finished MJ.

On another note, an AX15 will never handle 500hp. 320hp with the HD upgrades is about as high as it will go. Not sure about the NP231. I am guessing you will be maxxing that out too. I would consider an Atlas II transfer case. 

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superduty axles are very popular these days.  they are becoming semi-plentiful in the junkyards. :L:  just make sure you don't accidentally buy the dana 50 front axle, which was used in some superdutys.  they all have a metric 8bolt wheel pattern, so I would grab the 10.5 rear axle to go with it.  (I think it was the 10.25 that was the smaller axle used on some).  my buddy had an '03 with the 60/10.5 combo and it tore me up a little that he junked it after the accident rather than build something with it.  :( 


https://torqueking.com/category/2005-2016-ford-dana-super-60-front-axle-id/#:~:text=Ford uses Dana Super 60,F550 Super Duty 4x4 trucks.

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