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The Jeep Ranch

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I bought my first house right before Christmas. It’s a 1500 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bathroom brick ranch with a nice sized 2 car garage. Also has a decent sized lot so I can fit lots of Jeeps in the yard. It’s been well kept over the years and has all new floors, vinyl windows, new roof, solar panels, new hvac duct work, newer appliances and probably more I'm forgetting. I’ll take some more pics as I get stuff put away but for now these came off the listing. In the future I need to do a few little things that were found on the home inspection as well as redo the insulation in the attic. I also plan to put a shed or 20’ container in the yard for parts storage as well as a lean too for my dads Divco milk truck that won’t fit in a standard height garage 






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14 minutes ago, Pete M said:

a pic of the bathroom, but not the garage.  :laugh:  I'm guessing those are pics from the selling website?

Yea they are from the listing. And the garage wasn’t pictured. I’ll take some pictures later on today. It’s just a mess currently but at least my red truck has a home inside!

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Welcome to the lowcountry where it’s wet and my yard turns into a pond! A few projects have been happening recently. The float switch got stuck on the sump pump under my house so that was fun to fix. I had to repair the boots on the roof plumbing vents as well since they were cracking and failing. Also got stuck in my muddy yard trying to bring a new Cherokee in so I’m now graveling a road to my gate. Laid down some geotextile landscape fabric so hopefully the new gravel won’t sink as far into the mud






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