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Rear Fender Flares Question

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I was gonna pull the rear fender flares before sending this to the scrap yard because I know they are MJ specific, but they are such a pain and I don't know if they are even worth pulling. When getting the front fender liners out, the few studs with nuts that I was able to get onto just broke after half a turn because the nuts are fused to the studs. I don't need new fenders, I just didn't wanna scrap an MJ part if it could be used, even tho one of them is worn thru by a tire pretty bad.


The biggest thing I'm asking is if I'm taking them off wrong, like is there a much easier way that I'm missing, and are they even rare/desireable enough to be worth the hassle?




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38 minutes ago, fiatslug87 said:

Are you selling parts off of it before scrapping?

I'm pulling off everything that's not broken or rusted and the stuff I don't use will be for sale. I'll post pics and a detailed list of it all when I'm done but feel free to mention stuff right now incase I miss it

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take a sawzall and trim the entire assembly off and then you'll have way more access.  the inner flare might actually be harder to find intact.  at least for southern guys.

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Pull the flares and save them. The backing plates, too. The studs on the backing plates can be drilled out and replaced.


Regardless of what anyone tries to tell you, the MJ rear flares are NOT the same as XJ 2-door rear flares (which are the same as XJ 4-door rear flares). As far as I know, nobody makes replacements for the MJ rear flares. The one that's damaged can be rebuilt by plastic welding.


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