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Another one bites the dust...

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I saw this listing last Friday, July 22. It was already 2 days old. I planned to go on Saturday and get whatever I could.  Unfortunately, I got sick and couldn't get off the couch for three days.  I finally got time Thursday, 7/28.  When I found it in the yard, it was picked clean.  2 WD, Auto.


All interior parts/pieces GONE! - dash, bench seat, trim panels ceiling panel.

Column shift steering GONE! (instrument cluster was there, but badly damaged).


They either tried to remove the rear window and failed, or just trashed it.  Glass all broken.

Doors GONE!

Tail lights GONE!

Tailgate GONE!

Rear bumper end caps GONE!


I did get the parking brake pedal (tested it and it held, did not pop back) and the load sensing valve (why? IDK. Just because it was there).


Front axle was there if someone needs a 2WD axle.

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yup, I got some little pieces that were left plus the front fascia which was bare but left behind.  I got the word out and I'd wager the bed will be gone soon.  if it wasn't 500* outside I'd have left with more, but it was 500* out. 



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each junkyard is different, but for some reason the LKQs near me are just not very good at cleaning up the walking areas between cars.  :dunno:  in contrast, the 3 pullaparts seem to be super on top of that. 

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