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2003 Chevy Astro

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20211228_161846.jpg.c9376f2378906d1b93d636eb11ab9f34.jpgA few months ago, I picked up this 03 Astro for $300. It runs and drives, AC works. Has an ABS light on, and needs a power steering pressure line, but it seems pretty solid. Plan to fix it up some and maybe drive it a bit, then sell. 


So far, I've charged the AC, was only about 0.5lb low, straightened the bent rear bumper so that the cover will sit down enough for the rear barn doors to down. 


Picked up a grille and corner light, used headlight coming tomorrow to fix the deer damage. 


Total invested so far is $51 in parts. 





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The most boring thread on CC continues. Sold my Sierra and got the Astro on the road. A few things to fix, then it's selling time. I have to rebuild the ABS module, replace an oxygen sensor, motor mount and idler pulley and she should be good to go. Should still have less than $600 all in. 



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