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Area52's first Comanche story


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First of all, thanks to all who are on here and keep this going.  I love Comanches and thought I would share my story of my first one.


  The year was 1989 and I was a young sailor in the Navy moving from one duty station down south to another up north.  My ride of choice in those days was a very very rusty 1976 Firebird.  I drove this thing several hundred miles to where my family lived in WV and Ohio.  The exhaust fell apart and attracted the attention of the local P.D. while I was driving and got a fix it ticket.  Instead of fixing it and throwing more money into a losing cause, my dad offered to help me find a new vehicle before I had to leave to report to my new duty station in a few days.


 He wanted me to get something more "sensible", me - not so much, but not having too much money and my dad said he would co-sign a loan with me, we went to the local Buick dealer.  Not seeing anything that peaked my interest, I looked across the street at the Jeep/Eagle dealer and there sat two mid sized pickups that I had never seen before.  One a dark blue Pioneer short bed 2wd and the other a red short bed 4wd Eliminator.  Of course the red one called out to me so over we went to the Jeep lot to test drive it.  


 Alas, after running the numbers even with my dad co-signing the loan, I couldn't afford the Eliminator, but I did buy the blue one and my love affair with MJ's has never stopped.  I had that truck for 4 years before selling it ( to concentrate on my 1969 Camaro).  I regret selling it to this day.  Outside of an initial transmission problem, it never failed me once.  Since then, I have owed three more ( two going to my sons) and am looking to get another one soon.


thanks for reading

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