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Converting to all LED marker/Hazard/Turn signals- THE FLASHER

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There may already be a post about this somewhere, but I could not find it.  SO with the research I have done, I thought I could contribute to the sticky thread with this post.  My goal is to run all LED marker/turn signal/Hazard lights.  The side marker lights up front are easy, just replace the incandescent lights with appropriate LED's.  There is already a post for that with some light research on this site.  If you want to convert them to turn signals as well, there is already a post for that too.


This post deals with just flashers- what is needed and why.


The "why" is simple... our factory flashers use a thermo-electric circuit, which depends on the power draw of an incandescent bulb to flash.  I can explain in deeper detail how this works, but you can also google it if your curious.  The simple answer is LED's do not draw enough power for the flasher to thermally "switch", so either you get one blink and the light stays on, a rapid series of blinks with no audible clicking, or something else specific to your vehicle/grounding/wire condition when trying to use a factory-like flasher on an all LED setup.


1.  You CAN run a mix of incandescent bulbs and LED's on a factory-like flasher.  I would still plan on replacing the factory units if your truck still has them.

2.  You CAN run both incandescent AND ANY combo of LED lights with an LED flasher too.

3.  For ALL LED lights, you will need an electronic flasher that has a ground wire, and be able to make the appropriate GOOD ground connection.  Test your ground and MAKE SURE ITS GOOD.  Some sites call them Electro-Mechanical flashers because they still contain the relay contacts for the audible clicking sound we all have grown accustomed to.


Here is a list of Electronic flashers specifically for ALL LED lights.  Keep in mind, these types of flashers CAN BE polarity sensitive too, and there have been cases where the female connections on the fuse block have been switched.  If you install one of these and STILL have a problem (it will be obvious, like -"nothing works at all"- type of obvious), try switching the female connectors (recommend making two jumpers to test it first though).


(Amazon) CEC- EF32RL

(Amazon) CEC- EF32RLNP (NP = not polarity sensitive)


If you don't care about the audible clicking, www.superbrightleds.com has two options that I am aware of, that are actually quite affordable.  These options also do not have a ground wire that needs connected.  There is no relay to "click" so no grounding needed on this type.

CF12ANL-01 - $9.95

FL2-RED - $12.96 This one has a bracket for remote mounting.



I am sure there are others, but hopefully this will get you moving in the right direction to source the correct  LED flasher for your turn signals and hazards from your auto parts store.


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I switched out all bulbs to LED except my headlights...... but no turn signals working. Everything else works fine. When I found this post I though all was saved. (great post by the way)!!! I ordered the EF32RLNP (NP = not polarity sensitive) and installed it today but still no blinkers. Emergency flashers work great but not turn signals. Is is possible I do not have a good ground? Any other helpful ideas?



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