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(bed only) White LONGbed. $800 shipped

Pete M

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officially goes up for sale at 11am Weds


white longbed.  found in Alabama.  decent shape.  has some surface rust.  definitely some evidence of old damage on the lower bits. 




all you're buying in this listing is the bed and the fuel door.  everything that unbolts has been removed by either me or the junkyard it came from.   this is a used bed and will have other dents/scratches/etc.  If you would like some high res images, I can send them via email.  :L:  (the CC automatically shrinks all uploaded pics)


$$$$$$ delivered to your driveway IF  your driveway is somewhere near my route this trip.  I cannot guarantee that the first member to post "I want it" will be the one that actually gets this exact bed, but they will be given preference for the next batch of beds.  the crazy miles I gotta drive to get north and the fact that I can only carry a few beds at a time means I simply cannot go by the rule "first come, first served".  I will try my hardest to give preference to the first replies. 


the window of opportunity for this drive is around the weekend of Nov 7th.  I do not necessarily need you to be home to make delivery (I can unload and I can move it on flat ground with my hand cart), but I can't push it very far so you must make arrangements to either meet me when I can be there or apologize profusely to your HOA that you have a new lawn ornament for a few hours. :laugh:  delivery time/day will be given as soon as I have enough beds sold with a reasonable route planned.  this will involve 40-50 hours of driving, so please understand I cannot make promises of times or even specific days if anything goes wrong along the way.  I will of course be in contact via phone, so it's not like I'll surprise you with a bed one afternoon.  ETAs will be updated as often as I can.


once I have a route and buyers, I will let everyone know and a minimum $200 deposit is required via paypal.  $100 of this is NOT refundable should you back out for any reason.  None will be returned should you back out after I leave the house.  all will be refunded if I have to back out for any reason.  unless I die... then I guess you're kinda screwed. :dunno: (sorry 'bout that in advance.)


if you have any questions or need pics of anything more, let me know in this thread. :L:  once I have a route planned out, I will list the bed as sold and then communicate via private messages with the buyer.  
















mountain dew sold separately










couple dents




the paint flaked off here when I hit it with the power washer.  this is not rust coming from the other side.






the driver side ahead of the wheelwell shows evidence of a prior accident and bondo repair




surface rust inside the lower extremities








surface rust starting inside the bed.  not too bad though.  needs some POR-15 for sure






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