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Rugged Ridge Front Tow Hooks

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They work alright for the most part but if you snatch sideways off them it might bend the brackets. If you're just putting them on to have recovery points just in case, they'll do the job just fine, but if you plan to use them repeatedly every trip out you'll want to find something that ties into both sides of the front end.

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Compared to the OEM tow hook package, that kit is missing 4 steel brackets. Two L-brackets that spread the load to the front cross member and two side pull reinforcement brackets.


Crazy how XJ/MJ support dries up more and more each year. I don't see any complete kits in the aftermarket and can't point you to anything worth buying on ebay either.


The RR kit is a decent start but keep your eyes open at the junkyard for the rest of the parts.

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