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Redoing my PVC/CCV

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So, I'm redoing all the vacuum/PVC lines just because they were helter skelter.  A few years back I put a VC on her from I believe a 95 wrangler. Where the original vc had the hose to the air box on the front and to the tb in the rear, the new vc has the port on the front side and  the fill cap in the middle and the PVC hose opening in the rear. Just to make sure I'm correct, 

The brass fitting for the side port I remember buying from sumit but can't remember whether its metered or not. This one should be correct?  The hose on the rear runs to the air box but without the metered gromit , is this correct?

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So, the metered link in the ingenious system would run from the small brass fitting on the front side of the vc, to the larger of the 2 vacuum connections below the tb and 5he larger hose with the elbow goes to the airbox. NOW if I can determine if the brass fitting is metered I'll be ok. 

Suppose to be 2.2mm correct? 

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10 hours ago, schardein said:

Pic of the oem brass fitting on the front of the valve cover.



when i bought the vc it didn't have the fitting. it was 6 or 7 years ago and i remember reading a write up on the vc swap and it had the fitting size and pn and i bought it from summit so i'm thinking it is metered but will have to check to be sure. what i do know is that when cleaning the tb the orifice that that vacuum line connects to on the tb was totally blocked to the point that it took a full can of tb cleaner and an hour of me going at it with a paper clip.

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