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'90 Eliminator (Puddy)

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Hey guys, I acquired this MJ on Long Island in early January 2020. I looked at a good half dozen in NJ/NY/PA, but this was the best bang for the buck and one of the cleanest MJs I came across in the area. It did have body rust, but luckily the frame and floors were in good shape (rare for the northeast, I know). Named it Puddy, because I'm a big NJ Devils fan and if there are any Seinfeld fans out there, you'll know why Puddy makes sense as a name.


I drove it home approx 60 miles to my house in NJ, but haven't driven it much since.


The problems it has/had

-no headliner present

- no rearview mirror

- B Pillar Lights didn't work

-body dents

-cat back exhaust

-body rust

-missing piece of trim/moulding

-I didn't want a plow/plow setup

-rear bumper rust/dent

-tailgate rusty and difficult to open

-non OEM wheels / no center caps




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I used SMS and installed it (it was very easy with the instructions provided, I still need to get the sun visors reupholstered and installed)

Sound proofing from Noico (bought on Amazon)


B Pillar Bulbs



Rearview Mirror/Front License Plate Mount (required in NJ)

don't even remember where I bought it but wasn't hard to find


OEM Wheels



NOS Center Caps

@eaglescout526 - the one, the only. Owe you big time man, thanks again!


Plow Setup

I'm not gonna lie. This was harder than I thought. Had to remove some really tough/rusty bolts and remove the mounting from the sway bar and disconnect all the electrical







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Yeah that was my plan, thanks.


I am unsure about the plow/setup. The guy I bought it from said he bought it with the plow too and never too the setup off. It is a Western 6.5 feet. I have the blade too, but have no interest in it. My father in law who helped me take it off thought it might be OEM

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