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0630 Head on 1989 "Renix" short block

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Can I swap heads and put a 0630 head on with the later 1999 intake manifold in my 1989 MJ? If I am correct, would need a 1992 or later A/C bracket and 1992 or later steering pump assembly?

I have had so many electrical problems with the Renix that I am thinking about putting on the 0630 head, 1999 inlet manifold, and exhaust header. I have a Sniper EFI 2 Barrel, Sniper engine management, and Sniper distributor. I can take the inlet manifold and fabricate it to mount the EFI. Can anyone see any challenges in going down this path?

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If you are using the 1999+ intake manifold, you need the 1999+ power steering pump bracket.  Older version does  not work.  I prefer the later as it's easier to adjust the belt.  Loosen the pulley nut and the adjustment bolt is on top, sort of near the water neck.  Versus the old style with 3 or 4 bolts to loosen, and the adjustment bolt on the bottom, blocked by the air box.

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