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2.5 renix

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Hello everyone, I need some help! 


I purchased an 87 comanche about 2 weeks ago fir 500$ it first had a blown freeze plug, then radiator, and I just finished a head gasket job. It will start and run, but it runs like crap. I'm missing almost all of the vacuum lines for the egr stuff. I don't really wanna hunt down all of the parts or put a lot of money into it right now...


So here's whats going on... It will start, but won't idle for long, it starts to die out after a few seconds of idle unless i give it throttle then it sounds great, but as soon as i let off the throttle it starts to  out again.

Can anybody tell/show me what i need to plug and not plug to keep it running? I'm not sure if this photo helps, i can take more if needed. 


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There should be an idle speed actuator at the front of the throttle body. See if that is moving or making any noise. Sometimes it can stick if it sits for a while and cause the engine to not idle right if it is out of adjustment or is sitting to far back.


The back vac line needs to go to the base of the throttle body and the front one needs to go to where the back vac line is going at the rear of the cover.


Able to snap anymore pics of the bay?

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My 2.5 did pretty much the same thing. I cleaned up a lot of vacuum lines and deleted alot of the emission stuff to eliminate leak points. But I definitely agree with eaglescout526, my idle adjuster motor actuator (whatever it's called) was simply not working right. It wouldn't adjust idle or do anything really. It actually is supposed to open the throttle up at shut off for easier starting. Rockauto has a replacement but it is only under a YJ Wrangler for some reason. Only place I was able to find it. Once I got mine in truck did everything correctly 

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So i took apart my idle control actuator and found stripped gears, so i went and bought one at my local parts store, used some online discounts and got it for about 45$  fixed my issue. I also ran some of the vacuum lines to a t and it seemed to help a lot, so thanks everyone for the help! 

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