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i want one


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one of my friends played it last night...he works at a chain store, and the manager opened one of the employee pre-orders with a bunch of them. my friend said it's awesome. too bad i don't have anything to play it on.


now you can get the game and the special halo 360

thats just a little too much for me, the game will hold me over from now until doomsday though, gah can't wait to play it tonight


i went and bought like 4 cases of Monster energy drinks to keep me awake :D

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Too poor to afford the online play. Heck, Mike and I had to pool our resources and borrow money just to get the 360 and H3. But we found a way and were doing pretty good on Legendary last night until the large grouping on Brutes on like the 4th level. And even then we were making progress when Mike accidentally restarted the level instead of reverting to the last checkpoint so we decided to call it a night at 5:30 or so. Because of a bunch of stuff coming up, we're delaying using our free online time for a bit. But when we do I'll let you know. :D

Almost got egged by a passing car while waiting in line at the local GameStop. And I mean almost as in like 2 seconds. I stepped forward and a couple of them whizzed by where I was just standing. :eek: No one was hit though and they never came back for a second pass.

Some of the guys brought a power inverter and were playing H2 out the back of their truck while waiting in line. jamminz.gif

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yeah its definitly worth it


gamertag: Renegade2345


hit me up if you wanna play


My local store had several damaged discs that came in the metal packaging, guess they fall out of the holder pretty easy and get way scratched up.
yea mine did too. in fact when i opened it up at home the disc wasn't even in it's proper place, it was flopping around in the tin case, luckily it wasn't scratched or i would have mad :mad:
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So very worth every penny. :cheers:


My roommates and I's gamer id: blitzen420 or grandaddy420


Usually i'm on blitzen420.


BTW my local Kmart has abunch of copies still. Anyone need one? Or did everyone sell out and preorder..? :roll: suckaaasss :chillin:

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