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Good day at the Boneyard. (again)


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Had a good day at the JY today. :banana:


First I came across a 2dr XJ with black interior, so these followed me home. :brows:



From there things just got better as I came across an 86 MJ jamminz.gif



As a result, I had a very full TJ coming home



Near perfect Tailgate :eek: This one is a keeper. ;)



Rear flares, tail lights, MJ seat brackets, Interior lights, and a horn cap.



If anyone locally is in need of the bed off that thing it is in good shape. There is one good size dent, but it could be pounded out fairly easy.



Once I get things sorted out in the garage full of parts, I'll be listing some of this in the classifieds. The black buckets, at least one tailgate( This one makes the 3rd one), and some other stuff will need to go.



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MORE black seats?


hoow bout that center cap for the steering wheel...and how are the dome lights?


Another set. Yours were just a little bit better than these. The lights are ok, one is missing the clips (as usual) and the center cap is ok however it has a small cut on it ( looks like someone thought you had to pry it off :nuts: )


i want those black buckets


I'm going to clean them up and they'll be ready to sell. I think if I remember right your way over on the other coast, could be pricey to ship. :eek:



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That bed is in real good shape :brows: Thats was down at the PNP on shore drive?


The one off Sykes Ave off VA beach blvd. The Bed was pretty much rust free and that dent looks like that the JY did it. Clean metal was showing.



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That was the day I was thinking about going too :brows:


There is another MJ there two rows over in front of that one. The most I've seen there at one time. Not as nice, but may have something you need as well. If I could get off work I'd go with ya. I love that place. jamminz.gif

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Well had another good day at the JY. Here's a few things that followed me home. :brows:


Got parts from this. 88 lwb 2wd MJ.



Tail lights with harness.


Extra set of vents.


Headliner backing so I'll have a backup if I screw they original one up when re-covering.


And best of all, a really nice tailgate. Very straight with only surface scratches with rust. :eek:



This is better than the one I just had painted for our project. :headpop:


The only other thing that would have made this trip any better is if this would have been geared something other than 3.07.



Yeap, D44 in a 87 XJ. Might still go back and get it.

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How much the bone yards charge for their dana 44's back there,anyway? Curious to compare here. ko


Pick n Pull charges a flat rate for the axles regardless of type. If I remember right it's less than $100. I'll find out tomorrow when I go. It's half off everything sale again. :brows:


Now the other jy I look thru charges by type and make. They wanted $250 for a D44.

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