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Issue with the hazards

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1 hour ago, SatiricalHen said:

Really? every other vehicle I've turned the hazards on in they continue to flash with the brakes on if I remember correctly. Maybe since there isn't a dedicated brake and turn bulb.


Correct. On the MJ, the hazards share the same bulbs as the brake lights, whereas on the XJ the turns and hazards have separate bulbs, behind the amber lenses. The MJ is set up so the brake lights have priority over the hazards. I have always considered that to be a mistake, but it is they way they are intended to operate.

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The brake lights and the hazards use the same bulb filaments, and they can't be both blinking and solid at the same time. Ultimately one function has to trump the other, and on the MJ that's the brake lights. I've never really understood why they did it that way (it's not like they didn't know how to make separate turn signals) but it's the way it works.

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6 hours ago, gogmorgo said:

My guess is they chose to do it that way because the MJ doesn't have a high-mount third brake light, so there wouldn't really be any way to distinguish between lit brake lights and flashing hazards. 


Other than using separate, amber-colored turns and hazards, as they did with the XJ? (And as virtually every other car and pickup on the planet from that era.)

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39 minutes ago, Ωhm said:

Is the 1988 Jeep Wagoneer (not Grand Wagoneer (SJ)) considered to be an XJ? This vehicle has no amber (separate turn signals) in the taillights. Its wired similar to the MJ.


Correct. The XJ Wagoneer has combined turn and brake lights just like the MJ. Someone must have thought it looked better that way I guess. For what it's worth I think the Wagoneer tail lights look better than the Cherokee tail lights.

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