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Headlight upgrades for a 91

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Get a relay harness no matter what.  This will make the lights powered directly off the battery instead of through the headlight switch (which melts).  This will make the stock halogens way brighter, also getting new bulbs will help. 



Light upgrades:


Option 1: Rampage H4 conversion kit to use an H4 bulb.  These will give you even brighter lights when combined with the harness.  These come with a glass light housing and mount right into the factory light buckets.  These are what I have on all my trucks. 



Option 2: Cree LED headlight, or some brand with this type of cheap LED bulb. These are nice but I find them dimmer than the H4s and they have a plastic lens so it scratches easy.  Also LEDs don't produce heat so they won't melt snow and ice. 



Option 3:  Trucklites.  I've heard nothing but good things about these but they are super expensive.  



You can find better prices elsewhere for these, I just did quick links so you can see what I'm talking about. 

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X2 on the relay harness. Not only does it allow more current, it also prevents the headlight switch from setting your truck on fire.

Also keep your bulbs clean or replace them if the glass is getting pitted, make sure they're aimed properly, then go from there. I've lived my whole life under Bortle 2 or 1 dark skies, and I've never found the stock lights inadequate. Just whatever you do, don't be the a$$hole out there blinding everyone else because he added brightness to compensate for a bad setup. I can kinda appreciate wanting brighter high beams, but 80W low beams are just too much for oncoming traffic. 


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As the others say, a relay harness is a must. Every MJ should have one installed and it should be one of the first things any new MJ owner does. There's literally no reason not to add one. Several nice MJs have been burnt down because of melting headlight switches. I can't say for sure if I noticed a difference in brightness before and after, but that's not the main reason to add the harness IMO. And properly aiming your headlights is just as important, if not more important than the details of the equipment you have. Don't be that guy who blinds everyone going the other way. The proper aiming procedure depends on the type of headlights you use.


There are a number of good H4 and LED headlight options on the market. My personal preference is Hella, but there are tons of the things out there. 

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I prefer the Hella "E code" headlamp housings with the H4 bulb in them.  They feature a reflector pattern that has a low-beam cut-off angle to keep from blinding oncoming motorists.   If your state isn't too picky about what headlight you run, you can upgrade from the "normal"  60/55watt halogen bulbs to the 100/90watt halogen bulbs.


This setup is noticeably better than any stock headlamp, and yet isn't too pricey.  You should be able to get a pair of these with the lower wattage bulbs for under $100.  (LED lights are still too pricey for me.)


I had these in my XJ, and am putting them in my MJ (with the appropriate wiring upgrades others have noted.)

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