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Can't find correct temp sensor

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So my temp sensor on the new MJ is broken.  I can pull the sensor apart and it doesn't go above 110 on the gauge.  I've been searching around and cannot find the proper sender.  Mine seems to be the plug type but I can only find a screw on type for gauges.  The plug type only shows up for the idiot light.  Attached is a picture from RockAuto.  Am I missing something or does my sender indeed have threads even though it appears to be a plug? 


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29 minutes ago, DirtyComanche said:

The ones that look like it's a threaded stud aren't what they appear.  It's just a push on single pin connector thing that grips the 'threads'.


Later years used an actual plug for the temp sender too.


Actually, they are exactly what they appear to be. I had an '84 XJ with a trashed push-on connector for the temperature gauge. I found a but that fit the threads, cut off the terminal and soldered on a new ring terminal, and all was good.


But we need to know what year vehicle and electrical system this is for. Are we to assume it's for the 90-97 project truck? I haven't read the build thread, so give me a hint -- does it have the '90, Renix-era wiring harness, or has the electrical system been updated to the '97 Chrysler system?

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My new MJ is the 92, HO wiring.  


I took pictures of what I've got.  It's a plug, not a threaded connector or even a push onto threads connector.  All I can find for gauge senders shows the threads and no plug like this.  



And in this picture you can see the sender body in the head and the connector with the guts in my hand.. 


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