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297? ujoints...and what year brake booster upgrade?

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got a friend who's junking a 94 xj he and I picked up. it has a chryco 8.25 rear axle, dana 30 non-disco front with 3.55's and all associated hardware. when I compare the shafts where the ujoints go to the ones on the 3800 or the 89, I notice they're much heavier duty shafts...but is that the better ujoint as well then? sorry no pics.


also, would this be the year to upgrade my booster from? I'm taking the prop valve for the 89, and I also got the aftermarket seats, and seat belts, will get the shackles, ebrake assembly, 3 piece grille (for a friend), tilt column (will need electrical mod to work with older style system) plus lock cylinders, all computers, cruise module, and a few other things I can't think of...


all for $100 and I help him scrap it (chop nice rockers and rear pass quarter so we can replace the ones on his DD/wheeler). the PO thought it didn't run well so he scrapped all of the engine compartment stuff on the engine and general things associated with the engine...meaning intake, valve cover, all wheels and brackets, all wiring...you get the idea... Jake payed $160 for it after that. I think it has LSD too. 101,000 miles on the dot.

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booster upgrade is 95 and up....94 still has single diaphram...not worth squat


U-joints were changed over in 93/94 i believe...not 100% sure




hmm...I think I'll still grab the booster anyways cause the one in the 3800 has a drill hole (repaired with a rivet and some calk...) in it.


still gettin a good deal on the axles tho I think...they'd be a good upgrade to the 3800 as my front axle is bent, and my rear is a damn turdy-5...

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if the booster works...swap it in...no biggie


The D30 would be a good swap...even just to use the shafts...That 8.25 i believe is a 27 spline unit which is only a little better than the 35 but still better...I'm swappin my D35 in the XJ to a 99 8.25 w/3.55 LSD and alloys i just got :D

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97 and up on the booster the rod is to long right??? :nuts: I no the 99 I got is to long


yep, you disassemble the m/c and swap the old booster rod in. problem solved


ok so can i do this at home and if so how


yes, you can. I don't know exactly what is entailed, but you need the newer m/c and the older m/c out and cleaned up, then you take them both apart, swap the rod, and put the newer m/c rod into the older m/c and put the old one back in...


or just put the new style m/c and booster in...

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swapping the rod is meant for the booster to the pedal...not the master cylinder...you need the correct m/c for the booster...the rod from the booster to the pedal is the problem...thats what they mean by swapping the rod


lol, i thought the rod went all the way through. thought wrong....

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get one of of ebay and ask if it has the spacer. That is what i did but i messed up and got a 99. So if you want I have the 99 with the spacer to. All you need to do is shortin the rod. I will sell it for what i paid for it which was like 20-25 plus shipping. Also in has the MC attached to it


let me no

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