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My 87 sportruck

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I guess it's about time for a build thread


This 87 MJ popped up on Facebook marketplace . I thought that the building in the picture looked familiar (and it was ) I had spoke with the owner months prior and he wanted $1500 for it . This time I got it for $600 , this guy has two more MJs ( in rough shape) and tried to make me buy two of them . This is what it looked like the day I bought it . 





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The P.O. said that the truck was running like crap and he took the fuel sending unit / tank down and found rust in both of them . He sourced a new tank and an XJ sender ( can be seen in the bed of the truck ) and left it that way for 5 years . 





I started off with a new fuel pump , used MJ sender , plugs , wires , cap , rotor , serpentine belt and fuel filter , I also had to replace the alternator due to a bad bearing . After replacing everything it fired up and ran beautifully, it's super quiet ( looks like someone recently had an exhaust system put on ) . 


Next on on the list was switching to gauges instead of the idiot lights.Bought all the necessary parts and everything is working as it should ,I'm getting 40-60 lbs oil pressure and engine is running around 200 degrees.


The truck came without power steering and it just so happened that I saved all the parts from my 89 2.5 MJ that was converted to a 4.0 . Here's a before and after pic ... 





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 So when they installed  the window they used beutyl tape and held the window in with screws(it was a mess ) , probably the reason it was leaking and rotted out the floors .   So after pulling the window I cleaned all the old crap out and got lucky as there was no rust . 


I used a rear window from my very first Comanche, the seal was ruined on this truck from the aftermarket slider so I had to use a spare seal I had . 


Its supposed to rain the next next few days , so if I have no leaks I will be able to install the interior. 




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So for some updates on this project ....


The dash was cracked /dried up pretty bad , sourced another black dash and finally installed it along with the interior. I ended up installing my NOS black bench cover that I had too . 



I had had to put a different cluster in because I needed one that used the plastic clip for the cable . It's the nicest condition cluster I've seen, no corrosion on the printed board at all . 


While the truck isnt perfect its at a point for someone else to take it over and make it their own. The major items the truck needed have been addressed, but I never planned on keeping this truck as I currently have 3 others (each with their own purpose) . I don't want to over personalize it , but will help the buyer make it his own if I can . 








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