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2 hours ago, DirtyComanche said:

What did you paint all of that with?  Looks textured?


Remote battery looks good.  How long did the cables wind up being?  Cranks it over no problems though?


I used the spray on truck bed liner with a coat of rattle can crust-oleum to prevent sun fade. The way I see it's an area that takes a beating, all I have to do is re coat when it gets too bad. That's what I've done on the rocker for my XJ for years, looks nice.


The cable is about 10 feet #2. I have not gotten to crank it yet with this cable, still have a bit more wiring to go. I will find out how well it does when I purge the fuel system...

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On 12/1/2018 at 8:58 PM, Cwhite87 said:

Hows It going, just joined, your build is coming along nicely. that bed looks pretty sick.




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5 hours ago, bigmistake said:

I don't know how I missed this build thread - I've been obsessively reading up on OM617 swaps wherever I can find them.  Following along, and great work!



Thanks, it's definitely gone full-redneck. I love it. I'll be installing a "lightly" modified injection pump in the next couple days & sorting out the glow plug harness. Just a few more big hurdles & it's a driver. 

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