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introducing my truck

Grizzly Adams

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Hi i have a 1992 4X4 Manual jeep comanche short bed

it has the 4.0 HO with around 130xxx, NSG370 6 speed transmission, rebuilt transfer case with advanced adapters SYE and J.E. Reel driveshaft. HP front dana 30 and standard 35 rear. The truck has a BDS 6.5 inch long arm lift , fox shocks, and BfG All-terrains 

The truck has custom tube flares and boat sliders along with a white satin paint job

build date stickers been peeled off sadly 

she currently sits in south east Michigan

the truck is on the road and running strong 


I will upload photos off my phone soon!


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Sounds awesome. Post your VIN here and I can get you an actual build date. Or theres a way to do it through Chryslers website too. I'm a dealer tech and have access myself. We love pics too. Lets see it! I'm originally from southern Michigan too, as is Pete. Welcome to the club.

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On 9/15/2019 at 3:16 PM, Grizzly Adams said:

IJ7FJ26S2NLI82315 I'm just now getting to upload pictures , & I'm trying to register my vin now. hoping to find out anything more than it just being a base model :)


Sorry, I'm not with Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealer anymore. I'm at a GM dealer now, so I no longer have access. There is a way to do it through the Jeep website. They can get you the same info. I'm a former Michigan resident myself. Hopefully your truck is not too rusty. I know what Michigan winter roads can do to a vehicle. Makes me glad I'm living in the southeast  now. 

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