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AW4 shift cable routing

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Steering column shift or Floor shift??


The floor shift cable is about 2 feet long. Right thru the tunnel to the shifter.


The Steering column shift cable is about 5 feet long, runs thru the hole where the clutch master cyl would be, behind/under the dash, to the brake pedal support, and the inter cable attaches to the lower steering column, shifter rod.

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Well.......that answers some things.......Who knows what the guy thru in the box when he shipped it to you?????? :eek:


I'll check in the shop latter today, I know I got one of each over there, but from taking apart a couple, I know the floor shifter is only couple feet long.


I'm sure you know where the TV cable goes, that's mounted inside the AW4 and a real pain to pull out. But you need the bracket on top of the engine for hooking that up to the TB linkage.


You could route the shifter cable thru the firewall and into the floor shifter to take up some of the extra slack too.

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I sent the seller an email, we'll see what he remembers. It appears that all 88 cherokees were floor shift. 88 Comanches could be floor or column shift.


His response:

Hi, as I remember the cable came through the firewall near the accelerator and the other park cable came through above the brake pedal. I hope this helps.



Guess I'll take a look for some additional holes.

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You should have 2 cables that go to the floor shafter. One will go up to the steering column, to lock it from shifting, when the key is in the off position, and the other goes to the tranny. I know on the newer Jeeps, the two can not be screwed up, due to how they connect. Mine (98) goes through the firewall just under the all the wires that go in to meet to my TCU, about a 1-1/4" hole.

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I'm doing the column to floor shifter conversion and was wondering, do you really need that second cable? I decided to keep the steering column i already have which is the column shifter, but I removed the shifter itself, so it does not have the knob on the column for the interlock cable like the floor shifter columns. Thanks in advance!

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