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I saw an ad on  craigslist, it was for a part XJ. The transfer case was only $150. I'm not sure if it will work for my 89 MJ, but assuming it will, is this a good deal, because it seems really good. Like I said, I don't know the condition of it, or if it will work for me, but this seems like a steal. 

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Ax15 are all 23 spline, so any 23 spline ought to work, and I believe all Ax15 lip seals are for short shaft tcase input, but will take any shafts length tcase input.


But, $150 isn't a great deal at any rate.


If it’s a 4x4 904 Auto, then it’s 23 spline short output.

AW4 was 21 spline 87-08/90 when the HO came out when it went to 23 spline long (1” longer than the 904 23 spline output)


I’ve been trying to find the 2.5 AW4 bell and torque converter/ flexplate but I guess I’ll be swapping a 4.0 in it’s place.



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Nope. The AW4 went to 23-spline in 1990.

I opened many AW4s with tcase trying to find a 23 spline back in the late ‘90s/early ’00s and that was the change over point that I found at Oly4x4. Renix AW4s were all 21 spline along with BA 10/5s but the AX15 were all 23 spline and were put in ‘89+.
I have an ‘07/90 Comanche 4.0/AW4/NP231J with 97,000 original miles that I will check next month but I’ll be shocked if it’s 23 spline. I wanted one for my J10 to run the NV241or 4:1 tcase I got from
www.JBconversions.com back when they were newly aftermarket.

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