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Lift Pucks Front Skid Greaseable shackles more Central Pa


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New with some marks when a rusty part laid against them when my shed caved it. There red 1 3/4  lift or leveling spacers can't remember who made them m02532 stamped on them. $25.00 plus shipping.


used HEAVY DUTY greaseable shackles missing a bolt need cleaned up. 25.00 plus shipping


front skid free if you pick up zip code 16680


Renix 4.0 factory flex plate $50.00 plus shipping.


Other renix motor brackets etc let me know what you need


Take paypal  and will try to add pictures need to learn how on the new site.


Zip code is 16680.





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 Dug the plate out it has some slight dings/ dents on the very edge I quess from when moving around. No cracks etc at all It you want to take chance on it I will send it to you for the cost of shipping. If you use it send me $25.00 more dollars if not just toss and all your out is shipping.. You close so shipping will not be much 8-10 bucks.

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3 hours ago, MeanLemons said:

Those shackles look identical to what is currently on my XJ.  Made by teraflex.  5/16” steel with 1/4” DOM


You're exactly correct. I've had them on my MJ for years too. What a  :dunce:  :nuts: I am.  They are about an inch longer than the MJ stock shackles....



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