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Red mountain pass, Imogene pass:

Sir Sam

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This was taken last summer, I'm in the yellow xj and my coworker is in the 97 MJ. I haven't managed to get any auction shots from the drone while wheeling yet, but I'd like to get some. It just takes time to stop wheeling, pull out the drone, and fly around. 


I do have a fair bit of GoPro footage from the trails that I need to go through still, make a quick compilation out of it. 


As always, I wish I had more time outdoors to do that stuff. 

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41 minutes ago, fiatslug87 said:

Cool! Drones have really given us new perspectives on things. Aren't there some drones that are programmed to follow the transmitter for the action shots? Get one of those!!!


Mine will do that, and other things. However it does take a little bit of effort to stop, get setup for a shot, take the shot, and then pack back up. 


It comes down to spending time in the moment, or interrupting the experience to fly the drone around, I have to try and balance them. 

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15 minutes ago, HOrnbrod said:

Great background music too. It plays well with the vid.  :thumbsup:


Thanks, its hard to find music thats free to use and fits the feel of the video I am trying to make. I feel like this one hit the mark pretty well, and the big riff in the middle timed well for my big pull out shot. I just wish I had a few more useable shots to mix in, it felt a little repetitive on the rock ledge.

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