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December 2017 ● SteveO' '87

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Wow!... did you know we've just made it through yet another year of Comanche of the Month? I've been a bit distant over the past few months and Automan has taken the reins of this recurring thread. Thanks again, Rob! As for December, we're back to business as usual with a real classy way to finish up the year. Not that I've done it every December, but I really like it when the truck matches the seasonal colors. Again... back on track! Have a look at...


Aramayka Regular






1987 Pioneer

4.0L Renix with a 44 series flowmaster

AW4/NP231 Dana30/ Dana 35

FFDynamics Radiator/closed cooling

cruiser54's tips on cleaning grounds and c101 connector 

Rough country 4.5" lift with add a leafs and extended leaf hangers. WJ stock trackbar and Alloy USA ball joints

Bench seat, 96' XJ dash and door panels from a Country edition with power 






ARB bumper, weatherguard toolbox

16" TJ Rubicon Moab's , 265/75r16 bfgoodrich KM2's

Warn M8000 winch, I stripped it down and painted it with Hot Rod Kustoms Olive Drab Green















Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ●
I bought my Comanche without a bed. I searched high and low for a rust free 6' bed in western New York. I eventually found one a little over an hour away. After I got it home and started to prep it for paint. I found that it was originally the same white, with baby blue metallic two tone. This is the same paint I found when I stripped my Comanche. Come to find out, this is the bed that came off of it! What's the odd's. 

CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ●

Comanche Club has been my number one place for information, ideas, motivation, and parts that I needed for my build. The write ups and build threads have helped me a lot during my build. Comanche Club is awesome!




Way to go, Steve! If anyone notices, the build thread started back in 2012. Not that it's all that long ago, but it does go to show that these things don't just happen sometimes! You've done an awesome job thus far and I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't wait to see what happens next on it. Everything about about it seems well thought out and done super well with an amazing attention to detail. Congratulations to you and thanks for being such an easy choice to wrap up 2017 right!



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awesome truck! :thumbsup: I  love the bed-finding story!  :D   just destined to be back together

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Amazing story reuniting your MJ with the original bed, then molding it all into a super-nice MJ. Great MJOTM to end out 2017.  Well done and congratulations. 

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Thank you all! This is awesome. I couldn't believe it when I started sanding down the bed since it was repainted when I got it. Previous owner got rid of it to build a rock crawler. I only know of 3 other Comanches that are solid in my area since the plow guys drop salt like it's going out of style and most vehicles rot away up here. Wait til you see what I have planned next for my build!


also, updated pictures I found on an old phone to my build thread . 

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