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Turn Signal Switch Replacement

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ok i did that and it did pop right out i will try to clean the mech out and get it to work 

could you guys tell me what commands does it do 


1. turn left signal

2. turn right signal

3. wiper blades (are there 3 different speeds?)

4. when you pull it towards you what does that do?


seems like all i can get mine to do is turn both ways and move the wiper blades 

I'm not sure how to get it to shoot windshield fluid out ?

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Pulling it towards you switches from low to high beams, like on every single other car out there.

I don't know what the non-delay wipers do. If you're picking stalks at a junkyard (they're seriously common, just about every Jeep, AMC, or GM vehicle from the '70's to early '90's will have one that will work), just make sure yours has the correct controls on it. There's a couple different styles of wiper controls and also cruise control buttons on the stalk if the vehicle's equipped.

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Factory service manual. I picked one up on ebay on CD-rom and it comes in PDF searchable format. I even put it on my smartphone in case I ever need it in a pinch.



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Should be a flat bit at the top that you twist away from you, yeah. It'll also activate the wipers and then do a couple extra sweeps when you let go.

The steering column is a GM Saginaw column, which means nothing to you yet, but it and just about everything attached to it is common to a TON of GM vehicles, so there's a lot of resources online to learn about it, what does what, common problems and solutions, and tearing it down to fix them. I'm not saying don't ask questions, because they'll be there with the answers for the next person who searches, but quite a few of the questions you've asked could be more effectively answered by spending ten minutes with Google instead of a couple days of back-and forth.

And a tip, if you're wanting results only from this site (and not getting them through the local search feature) you can try adding the term site:comancheclub.com to restrict a Google search to results only from this site. Another tip is that pretty well everything from the doors forward (and a few things behind them) is the same on an MJ as it is on an XJ, so you might sometimes get more results looking at Cherokee info. I usually search for XJ rather than Cherokee because you'll get a bunch of Grand Cherokee and KL stuff you don't want.

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