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MJ Bench Seat Bolt

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Hey everyone, 

I pulled the carpet out of my MJ so I could find out what the rust situation was on the floor pans. When I was getting the bench out, the front left nut on the driver's side was seized and was just spinning the bolt so I was able to pry it out. Now I'm left with a hole and trying to figure out how I'll secure the bench down again. I want to put the carpet back in so this fix can't require me to fit a wrench in the little hole to hold the bolt down as I spin the nut off, unless I make carpet modifications to do so. The bolt that was in there before looked like a stud with a tight fitting washer on it that secured it to the floor and must have kept the stud from spinning. 

Have any of you had this happen to you and how did you fix it? I'm considering finding an actual stud and pressing it into place. 


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Install a nutsert in the hole in the floor sized appropriately. Then run a bolt up though the nutsert from underneath and snug it up tight against the nutsert. Use this as the stud for the bench seat bracket.

Awesome idea!! I'll pop the new bolt in tomorrow then!

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There wasn't enough room between the frame and the sheet metal above it to put a nutsert in so what I did was put a bolt through the hole with threads pointed up and put a nut on to clamp the sheet metal down. I used a double nut at the tip to keep the bolt from turning since I couldn't get a wrench underneath. Just reassembled the interior and it seems to be working. Here's hoping I don't need to verify in a crash  :P

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