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Does the Canadian market speedometer go past 85 on the inside?

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It took me a minute or two to figure out what on earth you were talking about  :rotf:


I'm not sure what year I got this XJ speedo out of but yeah. Canadians are trusted to drive up to 130 mph-ish if that's even possible  . :MJ 1: .




Also, my stock 91 MJ speedo:



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UK market XJs had 130mph speedometers:




$#%@#% Nixon. A well sorted XJ or MJ should be capable of 115ish MPH. Under extraordinary circumstances on a closed course I've had the MJ up to 95mph and it still had PLENTY left. Oddly enough my driveline vibration smoothed out with the speedo pegged.

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My '91 MJ (pictured) and '93 parts XJ both have the same speedometer as 91pioneer posted. The 200km/hr top of the gauge,which is a little optimistic, translates to 125 mph. I had the old 4.0 up to iirc an indicated 187ish km/hr, but that was also the last trip that old tired motor will ever do. Correcting for speedometer error that's probably closer to 175 km/hr or ~110 mph. Like Minuit said, it was weird in that all the vibrations and stuff got worse up to about 80mph but by 85(140) they all smoothed out and the MJ felt like it hunkered down into some kind of attack mode. It also felt like it got quieter, although that might just have been the wind noise drowning everything else out...

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