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Replacement vapor canister

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The vapor canister that came in my 89 Comanche is:




It's the two port style.  One port went to gas tank and the other port went to the top of the airbox in between the throttle body and the airbox.


I cannot seem to find a replacement, anyone have luck?


I've seen the newer style on the grand and later cherokees that are still round and would mount in the same place, but they have the vacuum connector on them.  Where would I get vacuum and would I want it from intake and on all the time, or from somewhere else?

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From an old post:
The old AMC canisters in the 80's (p/n 33002870) had a replaceable filter on the bottom like in your picture. You could also change out the activated charcoal at the same time. Unfortunately they are now obsolete unless you find one at the junkyard. The ones used now, p/n 53030500, are sealed units and not serviceable. When they don't function anymore you replace it, ~ $30-$40 aftermarket. Depending on conditions, they are normally good for ~90K miles. Mine started smelling at about 100K miles and I replaced it. They require an additional vacuum line from the intake manifold.

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