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91 Comanche won't roll forward in Neutral. Transmission? Brakes?

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Hello. I'm new to the forum. I have driven a Cherokee till recently when I cracked the frame so I just bought a 1991 Jeep Comanche,  4.0L 5 speed. Went to push it out of my garage today and I wasn't able to roll it forward. It will roll backwards no problem. Does anyone know why this is? There is also a suspicious transmission or hub whine, not sure if this correlates to the problem. Let me know what ya'll think.



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How long has it been sitting? If trans is in neutral, then look at brakes. Jack up each end, one at a time, and try turning the wheels. If they won't turn, then you have isolated the problem. Is it 4wd? If so, shift tcase to neutral and try the same steps.

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BlueXJ is correct. The early 231 transfer cases did not have a true neutral. "Neutral" disconnected the transfer case from the engine and transmission, but left the two driveshafts locked together. I don't remember what year they changed to a real neutral.


Suggestion: Remove the driveshafts and then try pushing it. If it still rolls backward but not forward, your problem is in the brakes. My guess would be a dragging parking brake in the rear -- the drum brakes are designed to work better in the forward direction, and it's very common to see a parking brake that holds when the nose is pointed downhil but won't hold when the tail is pointed downhill.

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