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My first MJ, second Jeep

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ZJ parts may do you, as far as early 4.0 stuff is concerned, although the later ones used different transmissions, I think. It's just easier to use XJ parts because they had the same drivetrain combos. WJ and later Grand Cherokee stuff is very different.

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So, any tips on the best way to clean a motor/trans/transfer case? I want to clean mine up before installing it into lindseys MJ. It has a ton of grime all over it.


Also, where does everyone get their gaskets? I need to replace most of the engine and trans gaskets. Rock auto?

To clean the XJ drivetrain I pulled, I simply lifted it in the air, taped off breathers/intake/etc, soaked in degreaser, and hosed off. If you can haul it to a car wash, the hot soap does wonders.


For the motor and t-case, I have used felpro and timken gaskets and seals. I let the transmission shop replace the transmission seals when they did work to it.

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