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help with wheel decision

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Your Rubicon wheels are 5x4.5 so MJ, TJ, XJ, YJ and ZJ owners can bolt them right on without adapters. That style of wheel are popular with Jeep people as you probably know so you probably could sell them for a decent amount. Most of them (they're called Moabs) came off JKs and need adapters (roughly a hundred bucks) to fit the aforementioned vehicles.


Personally, I prefer the look of the Moabs but the Pacers look good on your truck. Ultimately the decision is of course up to you.

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I've put Jeep Rubicon Moab rims on everything I have.


Hell I want a set now for the wife's 2012 KK since it's also 5x4.5!


Maybe, I'm lucky but of the four sets I've purchased two came with tires and

the most I've paid is $350.00.


I call first dibs!

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