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Solution for fusible link mess on renix jeeps?

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Do you guys know of any solutions for that mess of wires with the fusible links on the passenger side inner fender right behind the battery? do you guys think they can be replaced with a fuse box? if any one has done it I would really appreciate pictures, that bird nest under my hood drives me crazy thanks.


89 comanche 4.0 2WD AW4

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I converted it to a fuse box, but I upgraded everything to a HO engine, harness, interior etc. I have seen someone change them all over to a fusebox in a build thread I'll see if I can find it again.



Does this mean you removed/replaced the starter relay as well? Even after consolidating as many wire as i could, it is still a rats nest of crisscrossed wires (factory, mind you). I would love to find a way to tidy that area up, its a really eyesore and a fire hazard.

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Found the guy who did it before, if you change your renix to a fusebox it is not going to be easy... Its a huge wire mess.





Thats the page, and if you start at the beginning you'll see just one of the most amazing MJ transformations.



Everything under my hood was changed out, Bought a 91 cherokee, and transferred everything I could, I much prefer my fuse box than the Crows nest!

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