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Swapping door checks

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The door checks on my DD don't work and I got my arm slammed in it the other day.

I know I can get some from the JY from any xj but how do you actually change them out?

Whenever I have removed doors i just pull the pin out but that is not really the whole removal...


Seems like a PITA but worth it for my DD.


Anyone got a guide or a quick rundown?



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You have to pull the pin as you stated, then remove the two nuts holding it on. Unfasten the door panel from the top and front to get enough slack to pull the panel out a little, reach up inside the inner door and slide the door check out into the inner door to remove it. Note the orientation how it came out, then insert the new door check back in the same way and bolt it back up. They will go in 180* out, but they don't work at all like that. I know.     :roll:

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I got the checks swapped out.


Used two passenger side XJ fronts


One of them was from a 96 and it had the rubber part Rock frog mentioned.


Turns out if you play your cards right you can swap them out by just removing the interior door handle; you can reach the back side from the opening for the handle.

Just be sure to grab a hold of the back side before you remove the bolts or else it will fall into the bottom of the door.


:thumbsup: Thanks for the advise everyone.

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