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If this is not a cargo light, then what is it?

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Hey gang!

I've searched a bit and can't quite find what I'm looking for, so here goes:


I just completed that bed swap from my '86 donor to my '88 DD. While I was swapping the wiring harness over from the '88 I noticed that I had this weird little light behind my bumper. It's like a license plate lamp, but it shines on the ground instead of the plate because, well, it's behind the bumper. I thought it was cool, so I got it working, but I'm still left wondering- WHY?

What is it for?

My best theory is license plate light if for I choose to remove my bumper, beause there's square holes under it like you would use to mount a tag.


Anyone know? I've never seen it on any other MJ.

(ignore ugly temporary wire routing)


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Most (all?) states do not require a rear bumper on trucks or didn't for decades, anyway. Trucks were shipped without bumpers in many cases and the dealer sold you an add-on bumper if you wanted one. This also allowed you to get the custom bumper you needed/wanted from the start. A common southern and maybe western thing was a dealer bumper with the dealer's name welded onto it in some obnoxiously large manner.

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