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Frame /floor Caps

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Has anyone removed these cap successfully without damage?You know the cap braces on top of the mj floor which make it hard to keep your feet flat!  Mine are in decent shape and would like an idea or 2 to get started, so I can replace the floor TIA



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Yup. You need a whole stack of 'Spot Weld Cutters'.


When I was doing the floors in my '92, I pulled the caps as well. Harbor Freight sells the spot weld cutters for about $6 a piece. I did find that the spot weld cutters from Amazon, Eastwood, etc that cost more, last longer and provide a better cut. 

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Best d**n spot weld cutter there is, Period. End. Of. Story. Totally and utterly kicks HB cutters butt. I used these to remove the rocker panel on my MJ, with fantastic results. I have tried HB's version and all the teeth broke off as soon as they contacted the metal, completely useless junk. However, even with Blair's version you have to be careful, the teeth are EXTREMELY hard and therefore brittle. Moderate speed with very VERY little pressure is key to longevity. Even with only two teeth remaining on a head i could still drill out one or two more welds. I HIGHLY recommend these.


I am usually never this opinionated, but these little things really impressed me.  

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