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$500 88 Jeep Comanche Pioneer Parts Truck Dana 44 Metric Ton 4.0/ax15/231 3.55 Gears Rear Trac Lock Burlington, Wi


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88 jeep comanche pioneer longbed parts truck

Dana 44 metric ton
3.55 gears rear trac lock
Dana 30
Power chrome mirrors
Non match (maroon) buckets on MJ seat brackets.
3" lift with are shocks all the way around, springs in rear are Stanley 2000lb (each) springs that are metric ton with a high arch.
Interior is already all apart, but there.
Split rear window

This is my brothers truck. It's wrecked.

Has clear title, but needs floors, some rust repair on battery tray side inner fender, radiator, alternator, front frame side bumper mounts. Front end is all there and dummy mounted to replace the junk from the accident.

Truck runs and drives. Body could still be salvaged by the right person. I'm sick of scrapping these things and so we would rather sell it.



Burlington, wi

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If I ran across this cash cow of parts back in the day, I would have come up with the money and taken the deal.



Just don't care enough anymore...would rather buy all those parts brand new for the next one.

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Btw, dana 300 cost me $75 at a local boneyard.


I'm interested in zero trades. One person comes, hands me $500 takes the signed title, loads the truck, and leaves never to be bothered by this truck again.

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Have a local I'm waiting on a response from, but if nothing happens by sunday I am taking the listing down, pulling the trans, tcase, front and rear axles and suspension, and scrapping the rest. None of these parts will get sold as of the moment. I have a use for them.

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I did set fairly stringent guidelines, and came out the door saying it's my way or the highway.


That said, I feel I need to do that. I'm sick of agreeing on prices then people show up and think it's ok to offer less. I'm pretty forthright with what's wrong or right with things that I sell, and value them accordingly

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