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This Is Not Supposed To Be Here, Is It??

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Well, I think I've hit yet another snag in the XJ.  Had the head pulled three weeks ago for head work... guy discovered a fault in the casting, so another head is in the works.  In the mean time, did a little snooping over the block.  Found this hole in the front of the block, beside #1 cylinder.  Hole goes right into where the timing chain area is.  It's jagged looking and doesn't look to me like it's supposed to be there, but I don't really know the inside of these engines.  Is this supposed to be there or is this block toasted?





Please tell me that this block is not FUBARed... I've already had a hard enough with this engine mess...

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Got a shot from the timing chain area? 


I do not, unfortunately.  The block is still in the engine bay and harmonic balancer still attached to the crank.  I know oil circulates into the timing chain area, but what I'm not sure of is how oil circulates through the rest of the block. 

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I think he's seeing the upper jagged edge of the casting that runs down to the timing gears, don't you?




I just went out to the shed and verified it. Oil runs from the lifter area down on to the timing chain and gears.




It's normal to have jagged edges on the oil return galleys

Like I said. Maybe some clarification is necessary.


The block is cast iron. With all of the machined bearing surfaces, something as trivial as the gravity oil return passages is simply punched out, and the debris removed. That is why the jagged edges are there.

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