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Mowed My Lawn Today


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the beer? id hate to be on the receiving side of that one! :rotfl2:



the only thing i found when i mowed was the sense of depression having to think how many times I'm going to have to do it again :fs1:


ill probably find of few of those woodchucks to get me through :D

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I mowed my back and side yards for the first time since October this past weekend since the crabgrass was getting long and unsightly.


I use a heavy old 1950s vintage Follows & Bate Ltd. 14" reel mower and have a late-model Scotts 20" reel mower as back-up. The Scotts mower is lighter and flimsier, and only used for when the grass is not too thick/heavy. It takes a while to mow with the old mower, but the lawn is golf-course smooth when I'm done.


With the reels I don't have to use gas or worry about recharging or mowing over a cord, which is nice.

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