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I was looking through craigslist when i discovered a Comanche for sale.  i clicked the link and looked at the pic, he has 3 MJ side by side!




$3500 just seems a little much, but it does look like its in good condition




jeep comanche long bed work horse excellent shape 1986 5 speed 4cyl 4 wheel drive ; like new tires ; nice bed ,rims tailgate and bumper . this will make an excellent first truck for a young man 
call 850 585 4423 for an appointment please no tie kickers 105 k miles







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It's a LWB, you can barely make out the outline of the fuel door right up against the flare. And I think the badges say "custom" It also has the all caps badges. All that could be swapped though because it has an 8 slot grille instead of 10. Who knows. All I know is those are horrible pics, someone can't keep their hands still very well and didn't have stabilization turned on.


I love those mirrors, even more than the 97+ style mirrors on my '88. Had them on one of my old K-10s too, and the tripods on my J10. My old '86 MJ had them, but no tow package or anything. Just your typical D35, Selec-Trac, automatic, 2.8 truck.


I'm not sure if the ones for the Chevy's from LMC would match up as a replacement or not. I was going to buy a set and stick them on my current '88 until I decided not to keep it, but I of course didn't have the holes already there from the factory ones to worry about.

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I could check the condition of the set I have.

awesome if you could post a pic that would be great. 


on my driver side mirror one of the screws that hold the mirror stiff on the post snapped up inside the mirror and it won't screw out and i don't know if i can replace that unit in the mirror, figured i would need a whole new one. 


passenger side the post where it mounts to the door bracket stripped the slots that hold it still so it can move 360 deg. around and likes to blind oncoming traffic. so i may need a door bracket as well.


basically i was wondering for in the future when i need to replace theses parts again where i could find just the replacement mirrors that would bolt right up to my door bracket.

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There is an inner door skin support that those mirrors also need to be installed properly also.






Yup, but I didn't care. Was just going to have some made. My comment was more directed at Blaine and not being sure if the ones LMC carries would match the factory hole location or not. Otherwise no clue where else you could find them, and you won't find new ones meant specifically for an MJ.


With the way AMC used parts from all the other companies though, I'd almost bet the mirrors are just Chevy ones.

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if i kept the original mirror door brackets are there mirrors i could buy and do they come with the posts?


i looked online and the mirror door brackets from other vehicles don't use the same bolt pattern and i don't want to drill holes in my door. 

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