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Sitting at Wesman Salvage in Brandon, MB (~260 miles north of Bismark, ND)

LWB, 4x4, auto. Build date 12/91 318,000 km (200k miles)

Maroon interior & exterior, with matching bed canopy.

Slight front end damage (twisted bumper and smashed grill) almost entirely complete except for rear axle, driver's seat and the canopy's rear window. Rear bumper and bed were slightly damaged by the idiot who picked it up with a forklift.


No pictures because my camera took a $#!&, but I may be back for the rear bumper in a few days to see if it's salvageable. Also maybe the canopy but I'm unsure if I want it. I'm almost tempted to see what they'd want for the whole truck because it's in better shape than my dd.

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And a pic dump from a year later. Still more or less the same as I left it, just sunk a little further into the ground. I took the rear bumper and the rear right taillight this time. Rockers and cab corners are better than the others here (and mine!) but still pretty rusty.


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Some more pics. 





After seeing this gorgeous tailgate sitting there for what, six years now I think, I finally took it home with me. $50, can't believe I didn't sooner. 


I tried to buy the whole truck the last time I was there before I moved out to Alberta, but the yard can't (won't...) sell complete vehicles, because they move too many cars to not be a dealer and in MB dealers can't sell cars to the public that aren't road-ready.

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all those parts and only 20 hours away!  :doh:

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I know right? Any time I've been back there's a couple other parts missing, but it's at the point where I know what's there and even if it's been a year between visits the stuff I went in for is still there. The guys running the place are car guys, and they have enough real estate that they don't have any pressure to get rid of stuff until the bones are picked clean. A bunch of years ago I had a day to kill in the city, and just got dropped off for a wander around, ended up spending almost six hours just looking at everything. You ever see a LaForza? They've got one. There's an old Model T chassis out back, just about everything from the '50's and 60's is represented, and most of it hasn't been too badly torn up by shoppers. Not being open on the weekends must keep our the riff-raff.

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*A7 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats
125 Zone 25-Canada-Alberta
1AB Canada Dealer Retail
26E Customer Preferred Package 26E
2TE Customer Preferred Package 2TE
3BA Price Protection A - Canada
3N8 Drive Away Program Tracking
3VR Customer Preferred Discount
4CP Federal A/C Excise Tax
4EA Sold Vehicle
4HA Special Scheduling Condition I
4HC Special Scheduling Condition III
4UA SCA Tissue North America LLC
ADA Light Group
ADH Heavy Duty Electrical Group
ADL Skid Plate Group
APA Monotone Paint
ARL 300 Premium Group
BAR 90 Amp Alternator
BCD 500 Amp Maintenance Free Battery
BGA Power Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes
CAC Low Back Bucket Seats
CDB Reclining Front Seats
CKA Carpets - Floor and Cargo Area
CUM Mini Floor Console
DGB All 4-Speed Automatic Transmissions
DGS 4-Speed Automatic AW4 Transmission
DHA Lock-Up Torque Converter
DHN Command-Trac Part Time 4WD System
DHS Floor Mount Automatic Shift Lever
DJH 230MM Front Axle
DMD 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio
DRK Dana 44/226MM Rear Axle
DSA Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle
ERH 4.0L I6 Power Tech Engine
GAC Tinted Glass Windows
GBB Tinted Windshield Glass
GCB Front Door Tinted Glass
GEC Front Left Side Sliding Window
GFD Rear Sliding Window
GRZ Left Remote Mirror
GSZ Right Remote Control Mirror
GTZ Manual Remote Mirrors
HAA Air Conditioning
JAY DO NOT USE - See JP, KA classes
JDC 200 KPH Primary Speedometer
JHA Var Intermittent Windshield Wipers
JJA Cigar Lighter
K27 Do Not Use
LAJ Headlamps On Warning Chimes
LBB Courtesy Lamps
LBC Glove Box Lamp
LBD Ash Tray Lamp
LBE Door Armrest Storage Lamp
LDA Underhood Lamp
LHD Headlamp Off Time Delay
LMA Halogen Headlamps
LMK Daytime Running Headlamps, High Beam
MB1 Black Front Bumper
MBJ Black Powder Coated Front Bumper
MDA Front License Plate Bracket
MFF Black Grille
MHA Black Windshield Moldings
MMC Rear Door Solid Window Insert
MMG Belt Moldings
MMK Lower Grille Surround-Painted Silver
NAA Federal Emissions
NBK EVAP Control System
NF5 Fuel Tank - 23 Gallon
NHK Engine Block Heater
NHM Speed Control
RAA All Radio Equipped Vehicles
RAF AM/FM Cassette Radio
RCD 4 Speakers
SBA Power Rack and Pinion Steering
SCE Alcantara Wrap Steering Wheel
SFA Standard Duty Shock Absorbers
SGA Rear Shock Absorbers
SUA Tilt Steering Column
TBB Full Size Spare Tire
TBM Tire Carrier Winch
TMW P265/60r18 BSW A/S All Terrain Tires
TZA Goodyear Brand Tires
WJN 15" Aluminum Wheels
WLZ All Aluminum Wheels
XBS Pickup Box
YAC Build To Canada Mkt. Specifications
YGA Without Billable Fuel
Z01 Rear Spring Group I
Z5A GVW/Payload Rating
Z67 Left Front Spring Group XVI

Right Front Spring Group XV


Build date 12/2/91


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