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Sitting at Wesman Salvage in Brandon, MB (~260 miles north of Bismark, ND)

LWB, 4x4, auto. Build date 12/91 318,000 km (200k miles)

Maroon interior & exterior, with matching bed canopy.

Slight front end damage (twisted bumper and smashed grill) almost entirely complete except for rear axle, driver's seat and the canopy's rear window. Rear bumper and bed were slightly damaged by the idiot who picked it up with a forklift.


No pictures because my camera took a $#!&, but I may be back for the rear bumper in a few days to see if it's salvageable. Also maybe the canopy but I'm unsure if I want it. I'm almost tempted to see what they'd want for the whole truck because it's in better shape than my dd.

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And a pic dump from a year later. Still more or less the same as I left it, just sunk a little further into the ground. I took the rear bumper and the rear right taillight this time. Rockers and cab corners are better than the others here (and mine!) but still pretty rusty.


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