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Wide Load

Comanche County

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yup. some diplomat in morocco had it made up for himself. it looks like there might be some wheels underneath the middle, i mean, has to be! lol


You may be correct. At 0.36 in the video there is seen a large dark spot directly over the painted line on the road, and there is a smaller dark spot to the inside of the left front tire. I suspect the first is the diff, but the second has to be something else, as you can still clearly see the left front tire and the sun is in the wrong position for it to be a shadow of that tire.


edit: I suppose it could be the steering box, as it is left-hand drive. Dunno

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That's one of the few times I've seen someones creation and asked "why?"


Can't drive it on the trail.


I doubt if it's legal on the road.


So, WTF?

Same here. :hmm: Would have to be in Morocco or some other foreign country. Not legal anyplace in the states, at least not without a 'wide load' permit.

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