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Swb Vs Lwb Dimensions

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Thanks Jim,


I was just daydreaming about putting a short bed on a LWB chasis, and then extending the cab to fill in the difference, so I was just curious what those measurements were. Like I said, it was just a mental build. (but I want one :yes: )

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If you don't realize it already, Ill add this just for clarification.


You can't just slap a short bed on and lengthen the cab. If you do that, youll also need to move the rear axle back to match the bed. There may be a foot or so difference in bed length, but theres only 6-7 inches difference in wheelbase, so just tranfering a short bed on doesnt mean things are going to line up. Fuel filler and gas tank mounting will also be a consideration if doing this. BUT.... if you can do the fab of making an extended cab, you can do these other mods as well. Good luck, let us know what you end up doing!

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