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Removing Duct Tape Residue

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My new interior lights have arrived, so I now need to clean up the area where someone used duct tape to hold the light in many years ago.

My interior is in really good condition, so I don't want to remove the color or scratch it up by scrubbing it too hard or being too abrasve with it.


I tried goo be gone and it didn't even phase it. Has anyone had this problem and what can I use to remove the yellowed residue? Does lacquer thinner discolor the dyes used in the interior?

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Torch and a paint scraper.



Seems a tad extreme on plastic


I'd vote for the orange stuff or WD-40. I live under some ginormous pine tress which love to drip pitch (sap, very sticky) on my cars. WD-40 works well to get it off. Mineral spirits or Xylol also work pretty good. But then again the Goo Gone does too!!?

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